Chanticleer Staff

Full Time Staff

Year-round Horticulture & Grounds Staff

Lisa Roper, David Mattern, Eric Hsu, Jeff Lynch (Grounds Manager), Chris Fehlhaber, Joe Henderson, Przemyslaw Walczak, Doug Croft, Scott Steinfeldt, William Stuart, Terry Struve, Nate Pinelli, Dan Benarcik
Part Time

Seasonal Horticulture & Grounds Staff

Upper - Tom Lieb, Devan Schenck (Intern), Yvonne England, Lana Guardo (Intern), Kyle Lukens,
Adam Dooling (Intern), Quinn Conroy (High School Intern), Dave Emmons, Tom Maczko, Tessa Kuracina,
Elaina Hanzel (Intern), Lowery Douglas

Lower - Tim Snyder, Teddy Pickering (Intern), Stephen Zelno (Intern), Carla Hetzel
Visitor Services

Visitors Services Team

Front - Anna Kruschwitz, Mary Peterson, Cybele Tsao, Anne Sims
Back - Cindy Pierce, Rebecca Drury, Erin McKeon (Public Programs Manager), Cynthia Murray, Helen Lightcap, Dennis Matthews, BJ Johnson, Joy Clauss, Kathy Bright

Administration & Facilities Management

Ed Hincken, Facilities Manager; Bill Thomas, Executive Director & Head Gardener; Fran DiMarco, Administrative Assistant; Bryan Christ, Assistant Facilities Manager

Opening Times

Wednesday - Sunday

10am - 5pm

Full Parking Lot

Our parking lot holds 120 cars and can fill on weekends. Please car pool and understand once we reach capacity, you will need to wait until the parking staff directs you to an open spot or plan to visit at a non-peak time.

Early Openings in 2017

The garden will open at 8:00am on
October 7th for our last early opening of the 2017 season.

News & Events

Backyard Ecology Series

Register for this three-part series happening September 24, October 1,
and October 15.

Perennial Plant Conference

The conference will be held at
Scott Arboretum on Friday,
October 20, 2017.
For more information see the Perennial Plant Conference website.

The Art of Gardening

Chanticleer's book,
The Art of Gardening, is available at book sellers everywhere, including Amazon.

Chanticleer In the News

High praise from
The New York Times,
Chicago Tribune, Garden Design,
St. Catharines Standard, and FlipKey by Trip Advisor.

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