The Chanticleer Scholarship

The Chanticleer Scholarship in Professional Development offers public garden professionals financial support for academic training to improve their leadership skills. The scholarship has two core components:

1. Support of an academic experience and
2. Support of travel to meet with leaders to build on the academic experience.

The program is aimed at individuals who are in, or hope to move into, leadership positions and feel a need for more training and exposure. The Chanticleer Foundation offers this Scholarship in the belief that a stronger and more creative staff results in better public gardens, gardens that focus on their missions and capitalize on their unique opportunities.

The Scholarship enables public garden professionals to undertake the necessary coursework to improve their leadership skills as well as offering an opportunity to meet leaders of the field and see their work in action. Chanticleer broadly defines "leadership training" in order to encourage creative thinking. A wide range of leadership programs, from seminars and workshops to certificate- and degree-granting programs are eligible.

The Scholarship is a collaboration between the applicant, his/her employer, and Chanticleer. Applicants must be currently employed at a public garden, have a minimum of three to five years experience in public horticulture, and the support of his/her employer. As a demonstration of commitment and support, the applicant and the employer are expected to contribute as best they can to the costs of the training program. The contributions can be financial, the giving of time, or by other means.

Contact with leaders in the field is an integral part of the Scholarship. Following the completion of the training program, Scholars will propose gardens and cultural institutions they would like to visit and/or individuals they would like to meet. Chanticleer will work with the Scholar to develop a travel program and underwrite the costs of the experience. The Scholarship also includes an opportunity to visit Chanticleer and meet with staff.

Applications are due July 1 and November 1. To apply for the Scholarship, please send the following:

1. Proposed training. Clearly describe the proposed training. Include the name, address, dates, and basic details of the program for which you are applying.

2. Statement of intent. Why is the proposed program important to you and your organization? How will this program complement your past academic and work experience as well as your professional goals? Describe your personal commitment to the profession.

3. Budget for the training program. Include all costs, such as tuition, food, lodging, and transportation. Indicate where the support is coming from (self, employer, other sources) and what and when support is needed from Chanticleer. Account for your time as well. Will it be considered work time, personal time such as weekends, evenings, and vacation, or a combination?

4. Supervisor's statement. Have your supervisor write a recommendation and verify the support your organization is giving and the need for scholarship aid. If the supervisor is not the CEO of the organization, please include a brief statement of support from the CEO. If the applicant is the CEO of the organization, the recommendation should come from the Board Chair.

5. Your resume.

E-mail questions and/or application materials to or mail to Chanticleer Scholarship, 786 Church Road, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087.
Be sure to include your contact information (postal, electronic, telephone, fax).

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